Thursday, February 2, 2017

free full games for android

free full games for android

what's up guys welcome to another videoand today and tell you guys how to download a 360-degree video that is awatcher reality video and watch it on your device you just need this for basic apps thelink so that like color 360 and tube mate it will be down in the description belowyou can go ahead and download it from the so first you need to download thetube mate and colors 360 app in order to run the 360 with you offline and youalso need a file manager of course the browser to download this apps for us tofollow go ahead and download these apps the linkis in the description you just need to

go just need to go and download its onlythree mb 1 john donald you need to go to do meet your denominator to me the linkwill be down in the description it's very easy to go in that one so what you need to do is search for any360 degree video and 360 degree video is it and you get a lot of videos nowadaysit's pretty trendy that's going download this one is for the tutorial so make sure it looks like this you cansee like i distorted images as you can see and going and present out of there andyou cannot in whatever format you want ok download and now so the next thing youneed to go is to file explorer any fileexplorer will do

experiment do and you have to make itwith that video it's normally in the sd card and videos you can since they'rejust got it and you're faced it just go to sd card and then you need to makeyour way through movies and see the movies folder just go to the moviesfurther and they're using the color eyes click on menu is the video you justpaste it there it's a successful and once they are pasted the video here you justneed to go to the colors app and normally when you open that you go into public videosand you can watch some videos online but the downloaded videos i'm going to be in the local file and then you just click on it and you can see it's playing in360 degrees now to view this in your vr

box (vr device) i mean the realize okay you will this inyour real device you just have to click this button and you see we are glasseson and then you need to put it in here we are wants and that's pretty much itguys thank you for watching this video till then peace

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