Thursday, February 9, 2017

free games download for android

free games download for android

hi friends this is shrek and i'm back with another video giving video and today i'll be showing you one interesting game which is sniper 3d assassin and it's easy to use and smooth functioning and the best thing about the game is it has high graphics and it just required 50mb of your storage that's great and i'm playing this game on my

samsung galaxy s7 edge so.... let's get it on ok so let's begin with the controls of this game and the controls are very easy to use and just drag the aim pointer to the target with the right thumb over the screen and the left side of the screen right edge you get the zooming levels of the target to get the closer shorts and once the target is set then trigger the

shot! okay you did a great job ok so moving.... loading and moving to start our mission ok so my gun is ready 3 bullets loaded and who is my target ok so here at the red t-shirt this is my target and a pointed gun and shoot awesome i like this

dead catch the thief ok so think thief must be running here oh yes! look at that oh ill shoot at the head shot... oh shit.... i missed it i love the headshot ok next mission bring it fast so guys this game is non laggy i mean to say

that is no lag here completely i hope on the 3gb ram devices 2gb ram devices actually smooth like this okay so this is my next mission let's go urgentcall okay..... so you might have scene this scenario in the trailer itself oh i missed it ! okay next try your b***h

ok so again next mission wanted criminal kill the bandit ok so i need to find this bandit guy so okay keep quite ill shoot this this video i hope you like this game and it's too light to run on any device on any android device or a ios device so it's

good like you order that and it's not that requird huge amount of space on your storage okay so this is my new target three targets ok so i'll shoot first these ok roger that ok again is rolling down okay

headshot ok so i think i me i need to upgrade my gun so wait a minute when you see the weapon store 11 this shit greg happen ok so i'll upgrade weapons ok so i'm buying new 1i mind but for the next mission okay beautiful ok this body too by now ok don't have any time going back

and doing our mission ok knowing the hostage ok this is my favorite shot maybe that's sooo mean and like bitch mm no i want to five-star si1 played this game completely ok so again need more upgrade know ok start mission breaking news to the person back okay

course on how to get out this is where the briefcase no out about here double cast receiver so let me check who is the receiver ok this is look at buy here and yes he's gone in 60 seconds are we sure know a man live it live it love it love it i don't have that ok sticking much time

on the loading it's okay ok so i think i need to upgrade so i'm taking on upgrade and ok and it's right foot lips ok perfect spot it ok new rifles ok enough cash ok it let's start my rescue on fire these ok

i hope to play as this game is just awesome and this game doesn't require any more motions and anything you just need to know your thumb and that's enough finale for you guys so that's it for my wise i hope you enjoyed this video and if you like this video then hit the like button and share this

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