Friday, February 17, 2017

free in app purchase hack

free in app purchase hack

hey whats up guys techsnix here back with another video and in this video i'm going to show you a simple method on how to get free in app purchases in super mario run and unlock all the levels so before we get started i would like to mention that i'm giving away a $10 itunes gift card so if you guys are interested then you

can check the video in the end for full details without any further ado let's get started so first of all what you wanna do is you wanna open safari and from here go to the link that is given down below in the description now once you're here then tap on get started from here you wanna install the

profile ....... now tap on install once the profile is installed then you will be taken to this page so once you're here then what you wanna do is you wanna install the apps onebyone and use it for 30 seconds each time you do this you will be credited with some points and these points will help you to get free in app purchases. you can also get

additional points by referring the app to your friends. now once you have any points then tap on the redeem section and from here you can get the itunes gift card. you can use this gift card and get free in app purchases in super mario run and so yes now let's talk about the giveaway so to enter into the rules changed (check description)

the winner will be announced next week on my twitter account so yeah guys that's about it for this video thanks for watching do give this video a big thumbs up if you enjoyed it and for more super mario run videos subscribe to this channel

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