Friday, March 3, 2017

free in app purchases

free in app purchases

if you've done an in-app purchase and youdon't see that purchase as having gone through, one thing you may need to do is restore. andi've got that experience right now with this app "i-conv" which was free, and then i hadto pay $5 to make it work on a regular basis. so what i need to do is go into the app.and this will be different, a little bit different for each app, but you'll go to the settingsfor that app. and then here i click "upgrade to pro $5." and i get this screen where itsays to restore purchase or upgrade. and i've already upgraded so now i need to restorepurchase. restored successfully and now the app will work as if it's been upgraded.and you can see if you go into the itunes store on your account, you can look at whatthings you've purchased to see if the purchases

are in your account. and you might need tocontact the developer if that doesn't work. but this is the simple way to do it. and hopefullythat works for you.

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