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free mod games

free mod games

i've already done the mod on this particular system. i'm only going to be showing you where to make the necessary connections. for this project you're going to need a gamebit screwdriver, a standard size phillips screwdriver, a small phillips screwdriver, soldering iron with solder, of course... 30 gauge wire to actually make the connections with... a mini slide-switch of some kind. i'll post a link in the description to the switch i used. and optionally, a glue-gun to mount the switch onto the back of your system.

i'm going to be removing the phillips screws along here... there's also a set along the back... and other set of screws round the side... where the fan module is. i like to take these two off first and then get the ones underneath. there's also some mini phillips screws down here. i'll be able to get access to them in a moment. i'm going to speed it up as i disassemble.... once we've gotten all of the screws out

the laser assembly... will come off. hold just a moment while i adjust the camera. as you can see, this is where i've chosen to mount my switch. i've used a glue-gun and just glued on the back of this vent. i forgot to mention earlier there is a ribbon cable on the back of this

controller board. it is relatively flimsy, so be careful not to break or tear it. it's possible to safely remove it. it's just that when you do you will reset the internal clock and date, because the battery for the unit is right up here. anyhow.... as you can see i have removed the assembly.

it comes off in one big piece. i'm going to leave the controller board on. if you want you can remove it. it is kind of tricky to remove. basically you can just wiggle the cable slowly out of the motherboard. next, as you can see... theres a large heatsink on top of the cpu and gpu.

there are six screws holding it in place. here, here and here. you can use a small phillips to remove them. there is a thick glob of paste under the heatsink. it's fairly sticky.... [awkward pause] you can either pry it wiggling it up and down. you could try to pull it straight up. i prefer to rotate the it side to side.

as i'm wiggling it i pull up. this might take a moment for me to remove it. you must be gentle because you can break nearby components. be aware that the... ...the main board is no longer attached to the bottom casing anymore so it is possible to inadvertently

rip out the entire thing. just be careful of that. some of the paste chose to stay on the- [laughs] on the processor. thats fine. remember to leave the heatsink face-up so you don't get dirt in the paste. do not touch the paste with your fingers.

if you want, you can take a knife or something and spread it around if you wish. this where we get to the small stuff. directly above the ati gpu you should see a set of jumpers. -if you're using a japanese like myself the center jumper will be missing, and if you're on a north american system the bottom jumper will be missing.

the first connection we're going to make is going to be on this left connection pad. i find the best way to make this connection is to apply the solder to the wire you're going to use to connect to your switch. once you're pressing the wire up against the connection pad on the... [pause] motherboard, you basically quickly melt, with the soldering iron,

whatever is on the wire, and let it flow down onto the connection pad. make sure the solder doesn't spread out too far or bubble up anywhere you don't want it. you don't want it connecting to any of the adjacent jumpers or anything else. it should only be on that exact point. for the second connection we're going to be soldering a wire on the end of this transistor.

as you can see, if you have your gamecube open, these components we're soldering to are incredibly small. you should be skilled with a soldering iron and you have still hands because it is possible to mess this up quite easily. once you have the two ends soldered where you needed to place them we can then set up the switch. in my opinion the best way to mount the switch is to place it on the vent like i did here.

and the best way to do that is to run the lines through the hole on the corner of the main motherboard. -i put a piece of ducktape here just to secure the wires while i was working. you don't necessarily need to do that however. but anyway. pull them out through the bottom and... loop the wires around the support posts... and then connect to a mini-switch.

it's pretty easy to attach. i decided to use a hot glue-gun. that way if i wanted to remove it, it's pretty easy to just peel off and flake off... ...if i ever wanted to disassemble it. that's pretty much it. one thing: a lot of these mini slide-switches aren't small enough to fit through the vents on the back panel.

you can either make the vents bigger, which i don't recommend. what i ended up doing was using an x-acto knife and shaving the switch just a tiny bit so it could fit through the vent. when reassembling your gamecube remember to leave the door open. as you can see on the cogwheel there's a leg that's sticking out.

if you leave it in the closed position there's a possibility for that leg to break some delicate switches on the system. just to be safe leave the door open so that way the leg is out of the way and clear of those switches. right now i'm booting up the gamecube in japanese mode just to show you what that's like. currently i have a us copy of f-zero gx

in the system and that's why it couldn't read it because it's currently in japanese mode. i want to point something out: i do have my memory card in there and notice how it doesn't actually detect it. (yet.) i go in here.... it has been detect, however it is formatted to the north american specifications. -so essentially you cannot mix save files of

japanese origin with american origin on the same card. the memory card must be formatted to one or the other. so files cannot be mixed. right now i have a bunch of american save files on that memory card and because it's formatted for english it wants to format it to japanese so the system can use it so i'm going to abort the whole process by turning off the console.

essentially... you're going to want to keep two separate cards for your english games and japanese games. one thing you're going to want to be careful of is when you're putting a game for the first time. let's say i popped in the japanese version of super smash bros. melee. it'll ask to make create a game file. at that point it'll also ask if i want to reformat

the memory card so the system can use it. so you're going to want to be carefully because if i had any american saves on there if would be completely wiped and there won't be anything on there. so right now i'm going to... set the system into it's american setting. [click] i'm gonna hold "a" so i can get to the menu. it's reading the memory card,

and there's all my english save files. and now it can actually read f-zero gx. i'll boot it up to prove that it works. it's reading the memory card.... [music playing] ta-da!

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