Thursday, March 16, 2017

freedom android root

freedom android root

i keep hearing about why i should root myphone. can you tell me why you should not root your android phone? it voids the warranty. i can reset it to factory defaults. that’s easy with an apple phone. it isn’tas easy with an android phone. i might not care about the warranty. if you root the phone, you break some of theaccess control limits to the root directory. now malicious software like spyware and virusescan get in. you can already get malware on your androidphone.

but a rooted phone has more vulnerabilities. it’s the price you pay for freedom. then there are the hackers who offer rootkits. you get to install non-standard software, and so can they. if i root the phone, i could install betterantivirus software than the phone already has. or apps that haven’t yet been approvedby android. the freedom to install apps that aren’tcompatible doesn’t seem like an advancement. i like the options rooting it promises, likethe ability to control the software i install and customizations i can download.

if you screw up the files at the root level,it will never reboot again. all that freedom is useless if you turn the phone into a brick. rooting the phone frees up memory. you canremove pre-installed software and move others to the sd card. attempts to speed up the phone by changingthe os can backfire, slowing it down. and that’s after you’ve put the phone beyondhelp. there’s plenty of advice online on how todo it. those people aren’t available to troubleshootproblems that go wrong with your phone. and those who say they are might be happy to infectthe phone or even your pc.

you can un-root a phone. that takes more technical expertise than itdoes to download a rooting kit of the internet. i want to install after-market firmware toget the most i can out of my phone. as long as you don’t get a sick or brickphone out of it.

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