Tuesday, March 21, 2017

freedom app android no root

freedom app android no root

hello baradan assistant here from bm7 hdand today i am going to teach how to hack nova 3 freedom edition using esfile explorer first you should be rooted and downloades file explorer from play store then open it then go to device storage into data again data folder then search for nova 3 datacontained folder

or simply search it by typing nova 3 okay i have found it com.gameloft then open that folder after that click on shared_prefs then you just click on mysaved data.xml open it using es note editor then edit by clicking value of rewardfacebook value to 1 to 0 and also reward google value to also 1 to 0 then just save it and close and open the nova 3 game

hey after game opens you will be gettingreward have two thousand each time you open this game automatically first you must be connected to facebookand google account in nova 3 as you can see it works perfectly you can try and enjoy thanks for watching peace

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