Tuesday, February 21, 2017

free in app purchases android lollipop

free in app purchases android lollipop

hello, everyone! welcome to diy in 5.i'm trisha hershberger and today we are discussing ways to free up storage inyour android 5.0 device. if you've got one of those evil phones without expandable memory - shots fired, you know who you are - listen up. these tech tips may make all the difference in the world to you. now, everything we discuss in this video will be using samsung android 5.0. so if you have an lg, motorola, or nexus device your options might look a little different. first, let's start with one of the most common offenders of storage hording - apps. apps are what personalize ourphones and make them so addictive; but they can also take up huge chunks of storage.

google has included an easy way to see which of your apps are taking up your storage. just go into settings > storage > used space > apps, and you'll see a list of all your apps. sort them by size to see the largest apps at the top and then delete the apps you no longer need. this can quickly give youa few gigabytes of storage back. that adorable couple’s app from threerelationships ago? that can definitely go. thanks to the plethora of awesome camerason newer android devices most of us don’t use a separate camera. the problem is most of the puppy, kitty,baby, selfie and silly face photo rejects, (i.e., the photos you took trying to get just the right photo) are just left sitting in your gallery taking up space.

if you go to camera > settings > and pick a resolution a little more appropriate for photographing your dinner, that's a great start. follow that up by using a cloud applike google photos to store your pictures. it's free and you can save hd copies of allof our photos to their server, enabling you to delete them from your phone. the best part is that you’ll still have access to all those photos from your phone,tablet or even your pc. another secret hideaway that can be collecting storage-eating file is your download folder. every time you download something on your phone the files will end up in the downloads folder.

over time, this really fills up and could be easy to overlook. even a phone that’s a few monthsold could be filled with random photos, pdfs, silly gifs, you name it. go to your settings > storage > used space > downloads, select the files to delete, hold down until you seethe delete icon and press delete. buh bye! do you watch tvs or movies on your phone?if so, and you are not deleting them after, you should, and this will free up quite abit of storage. hd movies and tv shows are usually very larger files and once you’ve watched them you can from them from your device

and stream or download them again later wheneveryou want them from google play. just open google play movies & tvand click the menu icon. after that click my library, select the video or videos you want to remove and touch menu > remove from device. now, if you did happen to purchase a phone with a microsd slot give yourself a high-five right now! one of the benefits of many androidphones is the ability to add storage. adding storage via a microsd allows you to doubleor triple your storage for a fraction of the cost of a device with more built-in storage. some devices even support microsd cards up to 128gb. crazy!

so what's taking up all your memory? don't be embarrassed, tell us all about it in the comments below. think of us as your therapist. if you have a tip to add please share it in the comments below and be sure to subscribe for more everyday tech tips and videos. my name is trisha hershberger and thank you for watching

this episode of diy in 5.

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