Tuesday, February 21, 2017

free in app purchases android no root

free in app purchases android no root

what's up guys and welcome to mixtech most android app purchase hex required but today i will show you how to hack in app purchases and games without root so we think to prepare a step-by-step guide for it and found a full working workaround for hacking in app purchases without rooting in this tutorial we are going to use lucky patcher lucky patcher

is quite famous app among the android community due to its amazing and unique features like hacking play store to download paid apps for free hacking in app purchases as you all know lucky patrick is only for devices and doesn't support non rooted devices but luckily the app have been announced for non rooted users also and few of the

features of this app on our clickable on non rooted devices also the main feature which is also available for non rooted devices is the patching of apt to hack in app purchases in this guy will hack subway surfers game but this will work any app and gang it doesn't work online games like a day clash of clans and 8 ball pool now select the app you want to

hack i am going to hack subway surface select open menu of patches and tap on create modify nap a pop-up will appear select app rebuild it for an even level emulation another pop-up window will appear way you have to check two boxes those are support patch for level emulation and support patch for in their formulation now just simply tab on

button saying build the app it will take some time to build a modified app once done exit lucky patcher now uninstall the app you just have an app purchases of after uninstalling open new file manager and navigate to android then inside modified folder you will see a modified app file open the folder

which have the name of your app for example here we have subway dot server because we have patched it after opening the folder you will get the modified app file of your app there now just install this app file and open it now navigate to the stops or etc ok purchase anything and now it will open

the dialog box just select save purchase for restoring tap on the yes button to purchase the thing congratulations you have successfully hacked in app purchases if you liked it share with others and spread the word also don't forget to subscribe to my youtube channel and comment your thoughts below we love your feedback

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